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Prior to filling out the Potential Patient Application form, you must read and understand the following disclaimer.

By filling out the application form, you will provide information in an online format.  The material presented on our website is for informational purposes ONLY and does NOT mean we have accepted you into our medical practice. 

Submitting the application will not result in any charges to you or your insurance company.  Submitting your information on this application does NOT create a physician-patient relationship. We do NOT provide online medical advice. 

Once your online application information is received by us, we will review the information and will respond to you within 5-7 business days. At that time we will contact you, we will let you know if we can accept you into our practice as a patient.  Also, if appropriate we will schedule an appointment for you to be seen.  

This application form is for non-urgent problems ONLY.  If you have an urgent problem, you should contact your personal or primary care doctor.  This form is also for preliminary screening purposes ONLY. 

By clicking on this link to the Patient Application form, I understand this is not a guarantee of an appointment or of any specific service. 


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